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Some testimonials from students/parents.
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Mr samuel is an excellent teacher who does not hesitate to help me when I'm having troubles with my work. He is a very understanding and friendly teacher, and every lesson has left me feeling satisfied as I would have gained new takeaways from them. Thank you! :D

The tutor teaches very good and explain very well on the Maths and Science topics. My son said best Maths tutor he has ever met. Recommend to those who are struggling on Maths and Science and want to do well in exam.
, Northbrooks Secondary School

Mr. Samuel has always attended to my questions promptly during my whole time with him as a student. I would recommend him to anyone looking for aid in anything math and physics. He is a good teacher who is able to cater to any student's needs.

Samuel is an amazing tutor with the utmost patience to ensure that your child will grasp whatever concepts your child is required to learn. He is also kind and understanding and provides a warm and suitable environment for learning.

Hello! I would like to thank Mr Li for being so patient & understanding with me throughout these few months of tutoring. He always tries his best to cater to my needs and gives me additional materials to revise for to ensure that I really understand the chapters and makes sure that I have sufficient additional worksheets to do. Not only that, Mr Li makes sure that I fully understand the concepts by making the concepts easier for me to understand and encourages me to ask when in doubt. He is also believes in me and gives me constant encouragement to boost my confidence. He knows how to deal with many academics related problems such as stress and time management problems, which I find it very useful and applicable. All in all, Mr Li is definitely a tutor that I would recommend to my peers and juniors :)

Hello! Thank you for teaching me and always being so patient with me, especially when I was starting to learn the new chapters and also when I make all those careless mistakes. You are very approachable and friendly, always trying your best to guide me along, allowing me to improve from a F9 last year to where I am now. I am really grateful to have been taught by you and I will definitely do my best to make you proud!
, Nan Chiau

Thank you for your hard work and dedication in teaching me math. I really enjoy your math lessons as I know that you put in a lot of effort in making sure that I understand the topic well and get a good grasp of the concept. I really improved a lot through your guidance and I am indeed very grateful. Happy Teachers' Day!
, Cedar Girls'

Dear Mr Li,
Words cannot express my gratitude towards you. We have only known each other for about 5 months but you are like a close friend to me. Thank you for pushing me through for the past few months, be it academically or psychologically, ensuring that I have enough practices to work on and always accommodating to my tuition schedule. My only regret is that I didn't meet you earlier, or else I would have done better for 'N' Level haha. Anyway, I hope that I can secure a B3 or B4 (or maybe better) and make you proud. :)
Here is a customised mug with your figurine printed on it, hope you like it!
Thank you once again Mr Samuel Li!
- Jin Zuan, 12/11/19
, AMK Sec

I would highly recommend Samuel as a tutor. He is friendly, professional and knowledgeable. He was able to simplify complex concepts for me to understand and apply. He tutored me four modules in a short span of three months, and I managed to achieve minimally a B+ for all my quizzes and mid-trimester tests. I particularly remembered we had a two days consecutive session before a module mid-term test, and I secured an A. I appreciate that he constantly keep in touch with me weekly via WhatsApp to maximise my learning experience.
Thank you Samuel!
- Bryan

Samuel adjusted his pace to follow mine and is understanding. He is very caring - he gives me water/medicine and honey when I\'m sick. He also asks about things outside of Math to enhance the student-tutor bond. He also gives hope to his students and believes in working hard to improve. He answers questions very fast & is efficient in organising tuition sessions :).

Thank you for being such an awesome teacher with a great sense of humor (most of the time)! You manage to make math and science look so easy when you explain it to me and it's unfair because I think they like you and not me, that's why they look difficult to me. Anyways, you are also one of the weirdest people I know for eating raw garlic, and I still do not understand why you would want to torture yourself, but at least I know that you are not a vampire. Hope you have a Happy Teachers' Day!
, CHIJ St Nicks

Dear Mr Li,
I would like to express my sincere thanks to you for coaching Ryan during his final year of O Level. If it's not you he would not have picked up his confidence in Physics, Chemistry and A Maths despite attending lessons in tuition centre and previously with other tutors. At the end of Year 3, I can sense he was at the verge of giving up as he admitted that he was pretty lost in these subjects but after attending your lessons, I saw that his confidence slowly returned and he had more understanding of the subjects. I am not expecting him to achieve flying colours but am just glad that he has the confidence to step into the exam hall today. You are his life saviour and both me/Ryan are very glad to have found you. No matter what his results will be, I must thank you for staying with him throughout this critical year and really very grateful for your patience and guidance towards him as you know he is not an easy student.
Mr Li, once again many thanks, I cannot imagine how he would be able to cope 4 subjects (including E Maths) today if without your support!
, Mayflower SS

Dear Mr Samuel
Thank you for teaching me Maths over this few months and always making tuition lessons so enjoyable for me. Always joking and laughing around and coming up with jokes to make the lessons more enjoyable and interesting! Not only that, thank you for building up my confidence and always telling me to be more confident in Maths and the things I do. You would also always tell me different stories about your life and other different stories that would teach me about the different values in life and on how to be successful!
Thank you for helping me understand Maths better and helping me gain more interest in Maths and improving as well!
, Jurongville SS

Dear Mr Samuel
It has only been one year and I feel that I have achieved greater heights in climbing the ladder of A1. I know A Math is hard and let's say annoying but you always make it look so simple. You have motivated me to try and try and try. You have become an inspiring educator. Although you have gone through a lot of shit this year from getting injured but you never gave up. Personally we have established a very unique bond not as a teacher-student but more of a friendship. As an educator you have patience, faith and a caring nature which made it easier for me to relate and ask for help. Thank you for teaching me A Math and I hope we still can keep in contact.
Your favourite student
, Canberra SS

It has been a very great time having Mr Samuel as a Science teacher. He has made me understand my Science concepts. I was the kind of person who hated Science but he made me like Science. He is very kind and I would really encourage anyone to join this tuition. He is typically the kind who teaches for fun and brings out the joy in everything. Sometimes I myself why I didn't join earlier and only joined in the mid of my Secondary one journey.
, Compassvale Sec

I really recommend anyone to go for Mr Li's tuition. I enjoy both Physics and Chemistry lesson as it clears my doubts I have in school. I am quiet in nature so even if I have difficulties, I would not ask for help. However, attending Mr Li's lesson, he would take the initiative to help me clear certain misunderstanding and ensures I am clear on the concept before moving on. Before coming for Mr Li's lessons, I was failing my Sciences. However, attending his lessons for 2 months, my grades improved drastically from F9 in Mid-year to C5 in Prelim.
, Northbrooks Sec

Before attending Mr Li's classes, I had some conceptual errors in Physics and Math but thanks to Mr Li, I am way more confident on those subjects. Mr Li truly goes the extra mile to ensure that I really grasp the concepts and am free of doubts. He also provides additional resources to ensure I get enough practice and even gives me several essential and useful exam tips from time to time! His everlasting patience in clarifying my countless doubts truly amazes me. It is undeniable that he is extremely dedicated in teaching students.
Thank you Mr Li for motivating me to do better and just for being such a kind and patient teacher!! :)
, Private A Level

Mr Li is a very dedicated and passionate teacher, who goes the extra mile to help his students to the very best he could. Even when he is not feeling well, he will still give his best to help his students. He cares for his students and is a very patient teacher, whereby he always make sure that his students understand the concepts before going on. He provides additional resources for this students to help them in their respective subjects. Whenever his students send him questions about their work, he will try his best to reply as soon as possible, by guiding them on how to find the solution instead of giving them the answers straight. He also encourages and motivates his students to do well in their studies.

Mr Li has been one of the most patient teachers I have ever met. With clear and simplified explanations, Mr Li has made learning engaging and enjoyable. This has allowed me to clear my doubts and gain a better understanding of the subject. Although there were some topics which were complex and difficult, Mr Li would never fail to break down and simplify the concepts and also find means to make me remember them better. Mr Li was also very approachable, being easy to consult on WhatsApp whenever I encounter any doubts.
Thank you Mr Li for making concepts easier to understand and also putting tremendous effort in preparing for each lesson!!! :)

Mr Li is a very caring and patient teacher who put all his effort in teaching. He will never hesitate to help his students, even outside tuition hours. Moreover, he will make sure that I understand the concepts clearly and willing to clear any doubt I have at any point of time. Mr Li is also very knowledgeable in what he teaches and will provide clear solutions and explanations. As a kind and passionate teacher, he will often try to make his lessons interesting and engaging.

Mr Li is a very knowledgeable and caring tutor who can often look at his students' difficulties from their perspectives. He is able to break down difficult concepts into simpler analogies to make learning the JC syllabus with great efficiency and easy.
He is also a caring tutor who cares alot about the welfare of his students, he is not only a tutor but a good friend who gives good and practical advice.
I definitely see steady improvements in my H2 physics with the help of Mr Li. Thank You so much!

Mr Samuel Li is an excellent teacher in mathematics and physics. He is able to break complicated concepts with real life example for me to understand better. For mathematics, he would constantly reinforce the formulas so that I could remember eventually. Besides being just a teacher, he is also a friend as well. He would ask how am I doing in school and also concern for the results I have in school. He is very encouraging and excellent tutor. I'm glad to be taught by him.

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