Subjects Taught

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Due to the current situation, all lessons are conducted online. Do contact me to find out how my students are enjoying online lessons more and many want to continue online lessons until they graduate.

MOE Subjects

I primarily teach the following subjects.

  • JC A Level H1/H2 Mathematics
  • JC A Level H1/H2 Physics
  • N/O Level Elementary Mathematics
  • N/O Level Additional Mathematics
  • N/O Level Physics
  • N/O Level Chemistry
  • N/O Level Combined Science (Physics/Chemistry)
  • Lower Secondary Mathematics
  • Lower Secondary Science
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  • Other Levels

    I am currently teaching/have taught students from universities such as National University of Singapore, Singapore Institute of Technology and Nanyang Technological University. In additional, I also have students from Polytechnics.
    They are from Engineering (mostly Electrical and Electronic) and are taking modules like Digital Electronics, Electromagnetic Fields & Waves, Programming, Mathematics, Physics and Signals & Communications.
    Occasionally, students taking the IB exam also come to me for Mathematics and Physics.
    During school holidays, I give classes on Basic Programming and Web App Building.

    Teaching Style

    I follow 4 main principles for my teaching style. It has helped many students over the years and I am sure it will help you too.

    teaching style fundamentals


    I focus on building the basic concepts and prove to students that all questions can be solved using the fundamentals and basic understandings.

    teaching style interaction


    Teaching is not about me talking and students listening. It is about two-way communication. Both parties asking and answering questions is the best way to learn effectively.

    teaching style set goal


    I set small and realistic goals with students and review them periodically. This is to ensure that they are on the right path towards their next phase of life.

    teaching style applications


    I always add in practical applications to what students are learning. Not only does this capture their attention, it makes them remember the concepts better.


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    NO registration fee

    No registration fee is needed. Simply sign up, pay for the lesson and start the lesson!

    NO material fee

    No material fee is needed. Material is provided free. Only pay for any book that is recommended (you can buy from book stores too).

    Small class, max 3

    A maximum of 3 students per class to ensure a conducive learning environment.

    1-1 available

    Personal coaching is available for students who need personalised help.

    Ad-hoc lessons

    For students who don't need weekly lesson, give me a call to book a slot as and when you need.

    Discount on fee

    Sign up with your friends to enjoy discount off the fee.

    Recommendation fee

    Recommend your friends and get a discount off your fee.

    1-month notice

    Please give us a one-month notice should you want to stop lesson.

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