Subjects Taught

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MOE Subjects

I primarily teach the following subjects.

  • JC A Level H1/H2 Mathematics
  • JC A Level H1/H2 Physics
  • N/O Level Elementary Mathematics
  • N/O Level Additional Mathematics
  • N/O Level Physics
  • N/O Level Chemistry
  • N/O Level Combined Science (Physics/Chemistry)
  • Lower Secondary Mathematics
  • Lower Secondary Science
  • Other Levels

    I am currently teaching/have taught students from universities such as National University of Singapore, Singapore Institute of Technology and Nanyang Technological University. In additional, I also have students from Polytechnics.
    They are from Engineering (mostly Electrical and Electronic) and are taking modules like Digital Electronics, Electromagnetic Fields & Waves, Programming, Mathematics, Physics and Signals & Communications.
    Occasionally, students taking the IB exam also come to me for Mathematics and Physics.