Subjects taught
JC A Level H1/H2 Mathematics, Physics
N/O Level Elementary, Additional Mathematics
N/O Level Physics, Chemistry, Combined Science

Books authored/edited
A Level Math and Physics Books
O Level E Math, A Math, Physics and Chemistry Books
Lower Secondary Science Books

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Crash Course Special

H2 Math Crash Course
Full. Please contact me for more information.

A last minute 10-lesson crash course to get you going for A-Level!
Every Sunday, 11 Aug to 13 Oct, 7-9pm

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A Math Crash Course
Full. Please contact me for more information.

A last minute 10-lesson crash course to get you going for O-Level!
Every Saturday, 10 Aug to 12 Oct, 5.30-7.30pm

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What students say about Samuel

H2 Physics tuition

Mr Li is a very knowledgeable and caring tutor who can often look at his students' difficulties from their perspectives. He is able to break down difficult concepts into simpler analogies to make learning the JC syllabus with great efficiency and easy.

Meijun, AJC
EE2020 Digital Fundamentals, EE1506 Engineering Mathematics tuition

Mr Li has been one of the most patient teachers I have ever met. With clear and simplified explanations, Mr Li has made learning engaging and enjoyable. This has allowed me to clear my doubts and gain a better understanding of the subject.


Teaching Style

My teaching style is not rocket science. It has helped many students over the years and I am sure it will help you too.

teaching style fundamentals


I focus on building the basic concepts and prove to students that all questions can be solved using the fundamentals and basic understandings.

teaching style interaction


Teaching is not about me talking and students listening. It is about two-way communication. Both parties asking and answering questions is the best way to learn effectively.

teaching style set goal


I set small and realistic goals with students and review them periodically. This is to ensure that they are on the right path towards their next phase of life.

teaching style applications


I always add in practical applications to what students are learning. Not only does this capture their attention, it makes them remember the concepts better.

Li Minghui Samuel

Samuel's Achievements

  • I was the valedictorian for National University of Singapore Commencement (Graduation) 2012, Electrical Enginering Ceremony, delivering the valedictory at the ceremony. You can view the speech here.
  • I scored 7 distinctions in both O and A Levels. In addition, I scored straight A's throughout NUS, including the few modules I took in Stanford University. While in NUS, I went on a 3-month internship in DSI and a one-year internship in Silicon Valley, working full time and studying part time at Stanford University.
  • I received multiple awards throughout my education years, including subject top and cohort top. In addition to the NUS Scholarship, I received 10 awards in NUS, including the Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal and the Institution of Engineers, Singapore Gold Medal. You can view my resume here.

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